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About Us

CH Africa Consumables (Cartridge & Hardware Africa Consumables) is located in the heart of Johannesburg, we are well positioned to service the Gauteng region and also service nationally and internationally, partnering with courier services to ensure that delivery meets client needs.

CH Africa are experts at 'sourcing the Impossible', ranging from Airconditioners to Zebra Striped IPads.

We specialise in IT Hardware and Printer consumables and offer a wide range of branded as well as generic products that will best suit each individual's needs. We believe that delivery, service, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance, as we value our client’s loyalty.

CH Africa is an established distributor of Professional Services within the IT and Printer supplies field and enjoys excellent relationships with all of the leading manufacturers including Apple, Acer, HP, Dell, Toshiba, IBM Lenovo, Sony, Samsung, Brother, Minolta, Lexmark, Kyocera, Epson, Seiko, Canon, Oki, Genicom products just to name a few.

CH Africa is a registered importer and exporter. We are knowledgeable about our products and partnerships have been formed with suppliers of high calibre. CH Africa hold strong relationships with local and international distributors, ensuring our clients a reliable solid supply chain, guaranteeing quality, competitive pricing, impressive delivery time and customer satisfaction at all times.

As importers we are proud to bring all this to you at very substantial savings which generally ranges from 40% to 80% off the retail price found at your local stationer or I.T reseller.

Markets we target:

Our area of specialisation allows us to add value to corporates, parastatals and government departments and individuals in a wide range of markets. This cross-market and broad geographic capability makes C.H. Africa uniquely able to deliver value to trading partners and earn superior returns in the process.

All of our trading partners exist at some point within the prevailing supply chain structures common to their region or industry, such as:
Manufacturer --> Distributor --> Retailer --> End User
Empty Cartridge Collector --> Broker --> Remanufacturer --> Dealer --> End User

We operate outside these normal supply chain structures, but interact with them at various points according to the opportunities we encounter. Sometimes we will purchase from an end user and supply a distributor; other times it will be the opposite. Surpluses can accumulate at any point in the supply chain, and once we dig them out, we reinsert them into a variety of places within that same supply chain.


At present, our product universe consists of approximately 9,000 distinct supply items to be used in around 6,000 different models of copier, fax, printer and digital duplicator equipment. Approximately 68 manufacturers produce equipment under more than 10 different brand names.

C.H Africa is currently active in the following business lines:

  • Surplus supplies acquisition and remarketing
  • Empty cartridge collection and resale
  • Wholesale distribution

C.H Africas business model reflects the systematic gathering and savvy implementation of information about products and markets in the office imaging field. We identify opportunities that are overlooked and/or difficult to capitalize on, then build the capabilities necessary to reap rewards in a consistently differentiated way.  Our origins are in surplus inventory liquidation in the African and European markets . We have continually refined our processes, leading us to become a globally diversified trading company.

C.H Africa is currently active in the following business lines:

  • Surplus supplies acquisition and remarketing
  • Empty cartridge collection and resale
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Sourcing printer consumables for corporates
  • Retail distribution (surplus and new)
  • Empty cartridge collection and resale
  • Surplus supplies acquisition and remarketing

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