Why You Should Protect Your Printers with Brother Genuine Cartridges

If you have an operation that heavily depends on your printers, you need high-quality printers. Brother printers are recognised world-wide as some of the heavy hitters in the printing industry. Not only do these printers provide outstanding performance and high-quality prints, but they are durable, and Brother printing consumables are widely available. If you have invested in a Brother printer, or a number of these printers, you will know that preserving the print quality and the overall health of your printers is vital, and this is why you should only invest in Brother genuine products when your ink runs out.

There are a lot of different cartridges on the market, and some of these are created by third-party companies that create standard products that can fit into most similar models of printers. These are called generic products, and while they can quite easily work quite well when it comes to your Brother printer, you are better off sticking to genuine Brother ink cartridges instead of generic products.
While the genuine manufacturer’s products are generally more expensive than generic products, they are especially designed and created to work with a specific type and model of printer. Genuine cartridges are also known as OEM cartridges, which is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that if you have a Canon printer, you should only use Canon printing consumables with your printer, or if you have a Brother printer, that only genuine or OEM products should be used.

There are many reasons for this. Third-party or generic products can be more cost-effective in the short run, but in the long run, you may end up paying more. These generic cartridges are not specifically designed to work with a specific line or brand of printer, and even though the cartridge may seem to fit well and work inside your printer, the fit may not be as snug as needed, it may vibrate during printing, especially during high-speed and large volume printing. These vibrations may end up damaging the sensitive printer heads and other components within your printer, and this may result in expensive repairs later, or even a total replacement of the printer after a while.

Another reason to use only genuine OEM consumables in your Brother printer is print quality. If you are reliant on very good print quality, only the real thing will do. Generic printing consumables sometimes do not fit as well as they should, and the resulting print quality may suffer. Prints may be blotchy and not clear, and colours may not be as vibrant as they would be if only genuine Brother cartridges are used. Often, the ink and pigments used in generic cartridges are not of extremely high quality, which means that prints could fade quickly.  Sometimes, they also do not contain as much ink pigment as the genuine OEM cartridges, so they run out a lot faster than the Brother ink cartridges.

Usually, manufacturers of printers will only guarantee a printer or provide a warranty that will replace or repair the printer if something goes wrong within a specific time period. Often, these warrantees are dependent on only genuine manufacturer’s products being used. If other brands or generic printing consumables are used, these warrantees may automatically expire, and later when repairs or replacements are needed, the warranty is null and void.

Brother printer manufacturers insist on no compromises being made when they design and create their equipment and printers. They can only guarantee the effective operation of their printers when the genuine parts and consumables are used. This means that the choice between generic and Brother genuine cartridges are obvious: if you want to keep your warrantees intact, enjoy high print quality, and prints that last, only the OEM consumables should be used.

At CH Africa, we specialise in the provision of a wide range of printing consumables, including genuine OEM products. Whether you use a Brother printer or a Canon, we can provide you with the printing cartridges and other printing consumables you need at highly cost-effective prices. Because we are a registered importer and often source our products from companies with surplus supply and the original manufacturers, we can carry over the costs we save to our customers. This means that whichever type of printer you use, we can provide genuine and generic printing consumables for them. Give our team a call today to find out more!
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