CH Africa: Your Industry Leader and Bulk Printer Ink Supplier

A lot of companies or businesses are very dependent on their printing facilities. Some of these may include printing companies, photographic studios, and even marketers that are responsible for printing on fabrics, PVC, and canvas sheets. Often, rare or specialised printer ink needs to be used to get the best results, and finding a supplier that can supply the business with a regular supply of the right printing cartridges in bulk can be a huge problem.

While there are a number of bulk printer ink suppliers throughout South Africa, not all of them can compete with CH Africa when it comes to providing clients with the different types and volumes they need at a competitive rate. This is where we truly excel. Not only are we able to provide or source just about anything the client needs, but we are also the supplier that services a wide client base both nationally and internationally through our well-managed partnerships with a variety of highly reliable courier companies. We are currently located in Germiston, Gauteng, but our reach is far and wide for clients who need our products.

Because we are highly specialised in the provision of printing supplies that are suited to the requirements of our customers, we always do our best to be the ultimate source of printer ink that everyone can rely on. We are highly focused on service and delivery, and we strive to always be one of the most affordable options available on the market today. We place a very high value on our reputation as an effective and reliable bulk printer ink supplier, and we work very hard to maintain our good name as an industry leader. We place great value on the loyalty of our clients, and go out of our way to establish and maintain long-term relationships with them, and in the process, we get to know their needs in order to cater to them.

Because CH Africa is a recognised printing consumables and bulk ink supplier within many different industries, we are able to use our outstanding relationships with well-known manufacturers, such as HP, Dell, Brother, Lexmark, and many others to the advantage of our clients. We also invest significantly in the purchase of surplus stock and liquidated stock. Usually, these cost a lot less than retail prices, and we can pass on these savings to our clients who wish to purchase cartridges in bulk. Often, these savings are as much as between 40% to 80% off the prices of retail stock.

CH Africa is registered as an importer and exporter that is highly aware of industry needs, and we ensure that we can meet these. Our strong bonds with international providers and suppliers enable us to gain access to products that are rare or difficult to locate. We can always guarantee affordability, great-quality stock, short delivery times, and a very high level of customer service throughout.

As a printer ink supplier, we service a wide range of clients. We service a variety of trading partners and parastatals, as well as government departments and a wide variety of other clients. Because we are able to provide service that falls out of the usual supply chain structures, we are flexible in our approach, and have access to stock that would otherwise be incredibly expensive and almost impossible to find. Our current stock list consists of more than 9000 items that can be used in a wide variety of printers, photocopiers, fax machines, and image duplicators. In addition to this, we also collect empty cartridges and resell these.

If you are looking for an ink supplier, you simply cannot do better than CH Africa! Because our business is so versatile and solid, we are able to supply a wide variety of clients in a very broad range of markets and industries, and at highly affordable prices. The acquisition of printer ink in bulk enables our clients to readily have access to the printing consumables they need, and also for us to supply them with the variety of items they need to carry out their printing functions. For more information about our highly impressive product range and outstanding customer service, give our team at CH Africa a call.
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