Buy Affordable Ink Cartridges Online and Other Tips to Save on Costs

Keeping office overheads in the affordable range is essential to maximise business profits. Printing makes up a large part of office overheads. Fortunately, the Internet has made it possible to find suppliers of printing consumables, able to deliver countrywide. With such, your company can now buy affordable ink cartridges online and have such delivered to your offices anywhere in South Africa.

Apart from our wholesale prices to help you save money when you buy ink cartridges online, how else can your company save on printing overheads? Read on, as we share tips to help keep printing affordable.
Use Less Paper

Apart from doing your part for the environment when your firm uses less paper, your company also saves on energy costs when printing in duplex. Of course, you can reduce spending on paper with up to 50% if all documents are printed in duplex, thus on both sides of the paper. In reality, not all documents can be printed this way. As such, savings on paper are more in the region of 20-30% if you set a policy for printing in duplex where possible.

Choose Paper According to The Print Job

The A4 80-gram bond paper is superb for normal document printing, but when it comes to quality photo printing, it pays to use paper specifically suited for the job. In this way, you reduce the risk of smudging and poor quality. If you want a gloss or professional matt finish on images, then use the right photo paper. This will help to reduce printing costs. Of course, if you buy affordable cartridges online from us, we can help you choose the right paper for the particular types of printing you have in mind.

Print Preview Saves Ink

Unless you do not mind spending hundreds to thousands on printing, even if you buy affordable cartridges online, set a policy for using print preview to check layout issues before printing. Every time someone prints to check if an image or text is within the margin, they waste company money.

Use the Draft Print Setting

Leave the best quality prints for photos, graphics, and documents that must go to clients. All in-house documents can be printed in draft. Most word processing and spreadsheet software packages have the draft print setting. With such, far less ink is used with every print, helping you to reduce the need to buy cartridges online every second week. This way, you can keep printing affordable.

Print Black and White

Unless necessary for photos, brochures, or for client prints, set the default printing to black and white. With such, you can reduce the need to buy colour cartridges online. Black ink is more affordable than colour.

Recycle Printing Consumables

Did you know that you can recycle many of the cartridges and get paid for doing so? Your company may have printing consumables in storage related to your older or redundant equipment. Perhaps you have upgraded printers and now have excess stock. We will take the stock from you. Please note that terms and conditions apply. We can collect at your offices if you cannot deliver to us. With such, you do your part for the environment and reduce printing overheads. Also speak to us about recycling empty cartridges.

Buy Energy Efficient Printing Devices

Where possible, switch to newer and more energy efficient printers. Multifunctional printers can handle several tasks, such as printing, faxing, copying, folding, storing, and file sharing, to name only a few. In this way, you can reduce the number of machines in the office and the types of toner that you must buy every month.

Digital Information Sharing

Only print if really necessary. Copy documents, rather than printing each, as such helps to reduce ink usage. Where possible, share information via email or other file sharing options rather than printing. You reduce paper, ink or toner, and energy usage.

Eco-Friendly and Ink-Efficient Fonts

Set the spacing on documents to 1 rather than 1,5 or 2 and use fonts that are ink-efficient, such as Times New Roman and Calibri rather than Arial. Only print in bold where essential for readability purposes.

Finally, buy affordable ink cartridges online from us. We provide a wide range of products, boast a short lead time, and offer competitive pricing according to your needs.
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