6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Buy Canon Toner Cartridges Online

The online world is wonderful! We can now video chat with people in far flung destinations, get dinner delivered to our homes in a jiffy, and even order groceries without leaving the comfort of our homes. It also brings a whole host of other possibilities when it comes to online purchases! Most companies have online purchasing facilities, and a vast number of these are able to facilitate complicated online ordering and financial transactions. This is also true of suppliers of printing consumables. You can now buy or order all your printing consumables, including HP, Lexmark, Brother, Oki, and Canon toner online from CH Africa!

Because the internet is a territory that is still relatively unchartered, ordering online can sometimes land you with a lemon. Sometimes, you may end up with different products to the ones you ordered, or you could receive something that is broken or unusable. Printer cartridges are particularly difficult to deal with, because once the package has been opened and the seal broken, very few suppliers will replace the product or provide a refund. Here are some considerations to peruse before you buy toner cartridges on the internet:
  1. Being Unsure of What to Order: People often buy the wrong toner cartridges online because they are not sure of the make or model they need. While a lot of cartridges look similar, they can vastly differ in design and functionality, and you have to know exactly what to buy. The best thing to do is to remove the existing toner cartridge from your Canon printer and write down the details and number of the cartridge before you buy. This will ensure that you buy the correct type of toner online.
  1. Not Factoring in Other Costs: Often, websites advertise discounted products that look reasonably priced. They do, however, add delivery, administration, or courier costs to the small print, and you may end up paying more than you planned to. Ensure that all the additional costs are factored into your online order before confirming it. If necessary, contact the supplier via email or telephone to confirm the cost of the item before adding your credit card details. This will ensure that there are no nasty surprises when you receive the bill!
  1. Forgetting About Warrantees: If you buy Canon cartridges online and they do not work once you have received them, what are your chances of getting your money back? Check if there are any warrantees or guarantees on the repayment or replacement of your product. This is to ensure that you have some recourse in case things go wrong or the cartridge gets damaged in the transport process.
  1. Not Asking About Delivery Times: You have to know when to expect your delivery to arrive, especially if you are on a limited timeline. Some companies will take longer to deliver than others. Usually the rule of thumb is that the further the shop is from your home, the longer delivery will take. Other companies, such as CH Africa, have distribution partners across the country. Even though we are based in Gauteng, we are able to rush your Bother, HP, Lexmark, or Canon toner cartridge to you from your nearest distributor when you buy online.
  1. Not Checking Order Tracking: What happens if you buy Canon toner online and it never arrives? Most companies will have a tracking system with waybills or barcoded identification numbers that identify the location of the products ordered. If the product is late, the best thing to do is to enquire as soon as possible about the tracking of the toner cartridges and ask the company to locate them. If they cannot locate them, insist that they send you another consignment or refund your money.
  1. Omitting the Return Process: What if you have to return a product for some valid reason? You may have ordered the incorrect product, they could have sent you the wrong Canon toner cartridges, or the cartridges you receive may be damaged. Find out what their return policy is and how it works to safeguard you when you buy Lexmark, Brother, HP, Oki, or Canon toner cartridges online!

If you are looking for a reliable supplier where you can buy Canon toner cartridges without any hassle, check out the CH Africa ordering system on our website. We even purchase redundant stock from our customers for reselling! We have an extremely well-managed delivery system in place that can ensure that your products reach you wherever you are in South Africa. To find out more about how you can buy various generic and OEM printing consumables, including Canon toner cartridges, give our CH Africa team a call today!
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