What You Need to Know Before You Buy HP Toner Cartridges Online

With the convenience of connectivity, you can now buy HP toner cartridges online and save tremendously. Considering the cost of printer consumables, online bulk purchase discounts helps your company to reduce cost-to-company when it comes to office overheads.

We provide you with a hassle-free way to buy HP toner cartridges online. Our shopping facility is easy to use, and with brand categories from which you can select, you don’t even have to type in brands or numbers. Simply browse and select, although you can type in the specific model for quick searching.

Why Buy HP Toner Cartridges Online from Us?

We are a bulk consumables supplier in South Africa and with our focus on large-scale purchases, we can guarantee competitive pricing. We supply the original manufacturer and generic printer consumables. With an extensive network of international suppliers from where we obtain the products for your convenience, you have the assurance of availability and quality.

Indeed, we supply everything from HP to Brother, Lexmark, Canon, and Samsung printer consumables in addition to many other leading brands. If you need to buy products from a brand that is not in our product stable, simply get in touch and we will source the products.

Our brand name is synonymous with excellence. With over 25 years in the industry, we have developed a substantial product portfolio and an extensive supplier network. With such also comes competitive pricing, enabling us to give our clients the best products at equally impressive prices.

With the focus on reliable service delivery, quality products, and competitive pricing, we tick all the boxes as a supplier of choice. If you thus want to buy HP toner cartridges online, you know where to shop for bulk purchases.

What Goes Into Toner?

Understanding a bit more about the toner that goes into HP cartridges will give you more appreciation for the brand’s excellence and why we sell their products online. As such, we take a closer look at facts you may not have known.

Unlike ink in the HP ink cartridges, toner consists of powder particles, which are melted onto the print surface through a heat and pressure process. The printer has a fuser that makes this possible.

Laser toner of old consisted of carbon powder. As technology improved, it became possible to add wax polymers. These polymers make the product more affordable and it is now possible to print faster on more types of media because of the addition.

HP has engineered the particles to hold a specific electric charge each. With such precision engineering, the particles can move through the components within the cartridge with meticulous accuracy, giving you superior print quality associated with using the brand’s products.

How It is Made

The powder is manufactured by growing or grounding, depending on the particular type. With the more conventional type, the ingredients are pulverised to form an exceptionally fine residue. The granules are very small.

With the chemically created type, the particles are created through a special chemical growth process to create the specific shape and size needed. With this method, the particles are evenly sized for optimal charging and placement. This provides for superior quality, lower energy needed for charging, and excellent performance. With the uniform characteristics achieved through the chemical process, HP is able to guarantee superb quality.

Lower-quality toners often leave a greyish background on the print surface, because the particle placement is inconsistent due to the small and inconsistent sizes and charges. If you buy genuine OEM products online, you thus invest in quality prints and lower costs to you and the environment. Lower energy usage also means a lower cost to company when it comes to electricity costs.

The brand gradually introduced their laser products and eventually discontinued their inkjet printers. Though the ink cartridges are still available, the company is moving towards laser only. Keep it in mind the next time you search for new printer models. The company has certainly succeeded in setting the benchmark for toners and, as such, you can expect to get more quality prints when you buy the original manufacturer products.

For even better quality prints, use the HP toners, printers, and their paper together. This will help you to get crisp and clear images, which is especially important if you print photos or maps on a regular basis.

Register to buy HP toner cartridges online at our convenient shopping facility and experience why so many companies already rely on us for their printer consumables in South Africa.
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