Need to Buy Ink Cartridges in Bulk? We Can Help!

Most businesses cannot operate fully without a printing facility, and some companies depend very heavily on their capacity and ability to print large volumes, or to produce high-quality graphics for clients. Even though there has been a movement towards a more environmentally friendly approach and paperless offices, studies show that very few companies have actually fully embraced the paperless concept, and that meetings, agendas, training materials, and other printed matter are still being used on a daily basis.

Even publishers are still printing as many books on paper as they did before electronic reading media became popular, because a lot of people still like the feel and the look of a physical book they can read, make notes on, or store.

Most inventory managers know that it is important to buy in bulk because in a lot of cases, the business depends on having access to high-quality printer and toner cartridges at all times. Some companies work outside of business hours, during public holidays and weekends, and sometimes throughout the night. Running out of ink during these times is just not an option, because it will bring the entire operation to a sudden halt if no replacement cartridges can be found.

Most printer cartridge and printing consumable suppliers do not operate during these strange hours, and the exercise will have to wait until replacement cartridges can be found during office hours. If they are bought in bulk, they will usually have enough additional replacement stock for their operation to continue as required after the replacement of an empty printer or toner cartridge.

Another reason that a lot of business managers choose to get ink cartridges in bulk is because it saves money. Most high-street suppliers work on a retail basis, and they tend to charge a lot more for single items than the suppliers that sell in large quantities. As it is with most other products, the more you buy, the more you will save, and the price per unit when they buy ink cartridges in bulk can cost anything from 20% to 80% less than the retail price.

It is also essential to purchase in bulk when a rare type of ink cartridge is used that is not often available. If the business tends to use printers that are quite old or not very well-known brands, it can sometimes be very difficult to locate the correct types of cartridges for their printers. Buying ink cartridges in bulk when the correct type is located can help to eliminate the need to constantly be on the lookout for ones that suppliers do not readily keep in stock. Of course, another solution is to use generic ink cartridges, but these do not always work as well as the manufacturer’s toner and printer cartridges.

How CH Africa Can Help

At CH Africa, we have been in the business of supplying printing consumables and other products for a long time. We have built a reputation as a company that can source virtually anything that may seem impossible to find, such as printing cartridges that have gone out of stock. Because we are registered importers and exporters, we have a wide supply base to choose from, and quite often, we purchase extra consumables from companies that are either changing printers or even when they are being liquidated. This means that we only pay a fraction of the retail cost, and because we buy in bulk, we can pass these savings on to our clients. It also gives up access to products that would otherwise be virtually impossible to come by.

We supply a wide range of clients throughout Africa, and our extensive distribution network allows us to get your products to you in less time than you may think! We prefer a personal approach and tend to maintain long-term relationships with our clients. This means that we get to know the needs of our clients very well, and can anticipate these needs by obtaining their relevant products well before it is required. This means that we will always be able to supply you with the printing consumables you need when you buy from us!

For more information about where to buy cartridges in bulk and to save a lot of money, give our team at CH Africa a call today!
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