Need a Canon 445 Cartridge?

Are you looking for a Canon 445 cartridge? Before we tell you where you can get one, here is some information that you might find interesting about the company that manufactures your cartridges.

Canon Inc. is a multinational company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. They are considered one of the top global innovators in the field of printing solutions for both businesses and consumers. The company traces its roots back to the establishment of its first trading company, Kwanon, in 1933 and has become a leading developer and manufacturer of copiers, printers, and cameras aimed at a broad range of consumer and commercial needs. The name "Bubble Jet” encompasses the company's range of high-quality inkjet printers.

Printers and the consumables used in printers should not be considered in isolation to each other. The printer and its consumables form part of an integrated print solution. In 2020, according to Macrotrends, Canon spent 2,560 million US dollars on research and development alone. This starkly illustrates the difference between an OEM and a third-party consumable manufacturer.

While there are original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and generic, also known as compatible, replacement units available for all the leading inkjet printer manufacturer’s printers, what each provides is substantially different. Compatibles will include generic substitutes for a Canon 445 cartridge.

A Canon 445 cartridge, made by the company itself, is usually the safest bet when looking for a replacement unit for your printer model that it fits. Rather buy the genuine OEM Canon 445 cartridge if at all possible. These units are designed from the get-go to be an integral part of the printer. They are meticulously manufactured to ensure the best print quality paired with the highest yield.

The ink used in inkjet printers is a pigmented liquid with a viscosity similar to that of water. Inkjet printers "spray" wet ink onto a surface in an extremely controlled manner, producing an image. The formulation of the ink is critical to fault free, high-quality output. Inkjet printers are generally better at high-quality graphic output, such as photorealistic prints. If you have bought a printer because you specifically want the ability to produce photorealistic prints, why would you risk getting poor or mediocre results by not using the right cartridge? Ink for a Canon 445 cartridge is formulated to give the best results with the specific printer it fits.
canon 445 black ink

The Role of Generic Replacements

Generic substitutes for a Canon 445 cartridge are available that are generally less expensive than the genuine Canon 445 cartridge. Compatible or generic replacement units are manufactured by third-party companies that do not make printers at all. These units are essentially close copies of the original Canon 445 cartridge and may be well made and fit the printer for which they are intended well.

Where they often fall short is in the quality of the ink itself. Leading OEM companies keep the exact formulation of their inks a closely guarded secret and often hold patents on certain aspects and characteristics of their inks. Where the outright quality of the prints required is not an issue, the cost savings offered by a compatible option may be attractive and there are reputable printer consumable vendors that offer compatibles for a Canon 445 cartridge which are compliant with OEM standards and will do a perfectly adequate job.


Engage with the Experts

Owning a printer not covered by a service contract means consumables will need to be bought from time to time. CH Africa supplies consumables such as the Canon 445 cartridge as well as units for all Canon’s multifunctional devices and printers. We also stock a choice of original consumables or compatibles for all the other leading printer brands. Our compatible cartridges are often better priced than genuine OEM units whilst still offering better than acceptable quality. Where high yield, superior quality, better fade resistance, and trouble-free functionality are a priority and your printer takes a Canon 445 cartridge, we recommend going with the original OEM product.

Let our team at CH Africa save you time and money by providing you with the best solution at the best price. We advise you on which printer consumables not only fit your device but are the most cost-effective for your specific model printer. There is nothing wrong with doing your own research but expert advice from print consumable professionals is usually the most convenient.

At CH Africa, we provide a comprehensive range of consumables for most commonly used brands and models. Talk to us for professional advice on anything to do with print consumables whether for inkjet or toner-based printers. We offer fast delivery and very competitive prices. Contact us today for professional advice and the widest range of OEM and compatible printer consumables.
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