Canon Printer Cartridges: Getting More Value Out of Your Money

The recession has forced us to cut costs where we can both as individuals and businesses. But what are the best ways to do just that? We all think we know about money, how to make it, how to use it, and how to save it, but do we really? In this article, let us take a look at where money comes from, how money is made, and how we can keep more of it for longer by investing in quality products like Canon printer cartridges.

Canon Printer Cartridges

Using Paper Money and Coins

Coins are made from various mined minerals, such as silver, copper, and bronze. Once the minerals have been mined, they get rid of the impurities before minting the coins. And as we know, if it is not coins, money is printed, which most of us call “paper money”. However, money is not printed on the regular paper we use for printing at work or at home. Whereas most paper is made from wood pulp, the paper they make to print money on is generally a combination of cotton and linen.


Looking at The History of Money

The first known form of coin currency can be traced back to the Mesopotamian shekel which was in use about five thousand years ago. The first known mint can be traced back to approximately 600 BC in Asia Minor, where we know the coins were used to pay armies. The mass circulation of Roman, Chinese, and Indian coins suggest widespread premodern commerce between 1250 BC and 1450 AD. The Chinese were the first known users of paper money around the time of the Tang Dynasty (618 AD to 907 AD). The paper money was mainly in the form of privately issued bills of credit or exchange notes. The practice of using paper money began to emerge in Europe around the 17th century.


Less Cash, but Not Cashless

In South Africa in 2021, we now use money in many forms. Indeed, with all our various debit and credit cards, gadgets, and scans available, one would think we do not use real money anymore. In fact, it is a common misconception that we are moving toward a cashless society. According to a 2017 study by Boston Consulting Group, only 24% of South Africans make more than three bank transactions monthly. This means that even if people have bank accounts, they prefer to use cash. Indeed, in the informal sector, many businesses are cash businesses.

The World Bank 2018 report revealed that there are approximately 5,78 million micro-, small-, and medium-sized businesses in South Africa. While there was no direct correlative data, a 2010 survey cited in World Bank's report found that less than half of these SMEs have bank accounts.


Make the Money Work for You

So now we know where money comes from, and unlike other paper, it does not grow on trees. We have also learnt that cash is still very much in use in South Africa. But whatever form of money you want to use, and wherever it comes from, you have to make it work for you.


Savings on Quality Products

One of the most important ways to save money is by not spending too much on what you need and making sure that what you purchase is of good quality, so the purchase has an extended value and you will not have to make another one shortly after. We are talking about quality products like Canon printer cartridges.

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