CartridgeCredit Description

CartridgeCredit - Earn 5% In Credit On Your Orders!

Our goal at CH Africa has always to provide the best for our customers, and this is no different.

All we need you to do is create an account on the website if you haven't already. That's it. No promo codes, no cards, and the credit doesn't expire. 

The credit is allocated by our team after your purchase is finalised, and will can be used on your next order to save on our already great prices.

Details On CartridgeCredit

How can you give me 5% back on your low prices?

Through accepting payments via EFT, we reduce all payment processing fees so we can pass those savings (and a bit more...) to you!

Does it have to be EFT?

Yes, this only applies to the standard EFT option at checkout. Instant EFT via Paygate is NOT eligible. If you have questions, please use the Online Chat feature prior to payment.

How is the 5% calculated?

The credit is calculated on the value of the products you purchased, less any existing credit and/or shipping costs. So if you have R50 credit, order for R1500 and collect the order - you will gain 5% on R1450.

Does this apply to orders outside the website?

Sadly it does not. The credit system is built into the website and attached to your profile, so it exclusively applies to orders online currently.

What if I'm an online customer but I pay in store on collection?

You will receive your credit as you ordered online. If you have credit already, it will be applied at checkout so you will pay less in store. Please let us know via Online Chat for any questions on paying in cash.

Does the credit expire?

No! Unlike many other companies, we do not force you to use your benefits. All credit is automatically applied at checkout, and credit will never expire.

Is credit transferable?

Sadly not, credit is attached to the account that ordered only.

Is this a permanent new programme?

This is our pilot programme, so some things may change in the future as we get feedback and input from clients. If there are any changes, any credit you accrued in the pilot period is unaffected.

I need my order delivered as soon as possible, but want to benefit from this programme - what do I do?

Orders are only released for delivery once the EFT payment has cleared - this is standard company policy. This process usually takes 1 to 2 working days. You can use your bank's Instant Pay or equivalent facility to speed up the clearing process so we can get your order to you faster. Please note each bank is different and this facility can take between 20 minutes and 2 hours to clear to our bank account.

What happens if I need to return or refund a product?

All credit associated with that order will be voided until a new order/replacement is completed.

Terms And Conditions

1.) All orders placed online from 1 August qualify for inclusion this programme.
2.) Orders must be over the value of R1000, and paid via EFT to gain the credit benefit.
3.) All card payments, and Instant EFT via Paygate do not qualify for any credit.
4.) CH Africa reserves the right to exclude persons from this programme who CH Africa deems to be abusing it.
5.) CH Africa reserves the right to amend this programme at any time, with or without notice if required.