Canon Printer Ink – the Preferred Choice

Most people intuitively understand that Canon printer ink, made by the company for their own devices, will be the best and most risk-free bet when looking for replacement consumables. Even though OEM (original equipment manufacturer) consumables for inkjet printers tend to be more costly than generic units made by a third party, your intuition that they should be your first choice would be correct.

No matter which brand of printer you choose, cartridges intended for use in a specific device need to be carefully designed and accurately manufactured to guarantee top output quality and high yield without causing damage to the machine.

Great care is taken by brand manufacturers when manufacturing cartridges, and they have the added advantage of working from the original design. This also holds true for Canon printer ink. These formulations are specifically tailored for specific models. The Canon printer ink in any one of their cartridges is formulated to give the best results with the specific machine they fit. Third-party manufacturers copy OEM units as best they can, but there is almost always something "lost in translation" and they are obliged to find their own formulations for any consumable that goes into their cartridges.

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Why Inkjet Technology?

Most home and home office users will end up buying an inkjet device because of their high-quality graphics, lower initial capital cost, and versatility. Print technology based on laser toner cartridges can usually not produce the high-quality, graphics-intensive output that ink-based devices can. Faced with the choice of opting for OEM or compatible, the first rule is, if you can at all afford OEM Canon printer ink, go with the original consumables filled with genuine Canon printer ink.

While there is definitely a place for compatible or generic replacement consumables, there is always the risk that they may not perform as well as the genuine item or even as well as promised by the third-party manufacturer. Complaints concerning compatibles often revolve around low yields and inferior image quality. When buying generic consumables, the trick is to buy from a reputable company who will provide a compatible replacement that is fully compliant with OEM standards and carries a warrantee in the event of any issue arising.


Get the Most from Your Canon Printer Ink

If you’ve made the investment in genuine consumables, there are several things you can do to maximise the benefit you get from your cartridges.

Cartridges will give an indication of how many prints can be expected, at a stated page coverage. Although yield is affected by image resolution and the material being printed on, it is still possible to get a fairly accurate indication of how many prints can be expected. Compare this to your actual number of prints between replacements and have your machine serviced if necessary.

Buy the highest-volume Canon printer ink replacement unit for your device. Where a high volume or XL sized unit is offered for your printer, choosing this option will lower your cost per print. XL size units usually contain as much, or more, ink than two standard units and can cost substantially less.

Look for multiple unit packs. These are usually priced to make the cost per unit in the multipack less than the price of a single cartridge.
When setting up a new machine, check the default settings carefully. Factory default settings are aimed at delivering the best possible print quality. Savings can be achieved by changing default printer settings to suit the output quality needed. It makes little sense, for instance, to print internal office documents on the highest, photo-quality settings.


Go with a Reliable Cost-Effective Supplier for Your Canon Printer Ink

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