Order Online and Get Ink Cartridges Delivered to Your Door

Are you tired of having to drive first thing in the morning to buy new ink cartridges for printing your important documents? Do you find it difficult to get the right units for your printer at the nearest store? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, it’s time to start shopping for printer consumables online, and get your order delivered instead.

CH Africa offers a wide variety of ink cartridges, including compatible and OEM units, such as those from HP, Brother, Samsung, Canon, Epson, and more. We also trade in bulk, making it easy to buy enough so that your device never runs dry and all your printing needs can be met.

HP ink cartridges

Top 7 Advantages to Shopping Online for Ink Cartridges

Aside from having the luxury of ordering new stock from bed in the middle of the night, there are many other benefits that go with online shopping as opposed to in-store purchases. For example, you can read all the details of a product yourself, without feeling pressured to buy through the help of a sales assistant.

See the following list for seven more advantages of online cartridge purchases at a reputable seller, such as CH Africa:
  1. Convenient and Safe Delivery Options – We make use of reliable couriers to despatch all ink cartridges in a timely manner from the warehouse in Germiston to anywhere in South Africa for a small fee. Delivery cost, times, and details can be seen here.
  1. Easy Access to Help When Needed – In the bottom right corner of any page on our website is a chat box, which can be used for getting quick assistance related to ink or toner cartridges, how to order, and other questions you might have.
  1. You Can Order in Bulk – For wholesalers, retailers, and government businesses, we offer special prices, and we stock large quantities of each cartridge to fulfil bulk orders.
  1. Get Points Without Having to Remember Your Loyalty Card – Most large stores offer some sort of cash-back programme, but the hassle of always having a plastic card present can make it feel less beneficial at times. With our CartridgeCredit programme, you only need to log in to the site, and get your discount instantly on checkout.
  1. No Hidden Ts and Cs – When purchasing ink cartridges at a physical shop, you almost never know the details of their return or refund policies. With an online store, you can read all the terms and conditions prior to making a purchase and be sure that you can return faulty units without hassle if need be.
  1. More Options to Choose From – A physical store can only hold so many brands, depending on the size of the store. With our large warehouse, it’s possible to give customers more choices, such as XL and regular, or compatible and OEM ink cartridges.
  1. Never Miss a Good Deal – With subscription to mailing lists offered by online stores, it allows customers to always be notified when clearance sales are held or bargains are available.

The main advantage to buying ink cartridges online is that you save on costs at every turn. From paying high fuel prices to having limited options, such as only expensive brand-name products, you get to bypass them all.

However, it’s not uncommon for newcomers to be sceptical at the idea of buying from a shop you can’t physically enter, and rightfully so. There are instances where people are scammed or end up waiting forever to get their products delivered. Thus, it’s wise to do a bit of digging on any supplier before making a decision.


Why Choose CH Africa?

If you’re trying to find a supplier of ink cartridges with a reputable history, as well as all the above-mentioned benefits, then CH Africa is the right choice. Our testimonies of previous customers speak for our reliability and can be viewed on our website.

Our support staff members are all well-trained to give advice on which cartridges to buy, the specials currently on offer, and shipping methods, and to make sure each and every buyer is fully satisfied with their purchase. We offer you convenience in the form of fast and trusted delivery to your door, as well as all the best ink and toner cartridges there are to choose from.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and find out how to place an order, so that you too can reap the benefits of online cartridge shopping today.
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