Find a Reliable Ink Shop That Offers Delivery

We have to face the fact that times have changed. It is no longer quick and easy to go to a store and buy what you need. For starters, you need a face mask and your hands get sanitised at many retail outlets. The best option is to find an ink shop that offers delivery.

Apart from all the new rules and regulations in South Africa, a trip to the store is not always successful. What if they do not have your compatible cartridges in stock?

You will have to drive to a different store and hope to find what you are looking for there. And even if a store does sell the product you want, they might only have limited stock, which will mean more trips as soon as the cartridge runs dry. Would it not be so much easier if you could purchase all your printing consumables from an ink shop that offers delivery?

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Online Cartridge Buying – Is it Smart?

For many, it is still a concern to order supplies from the web instead of direct in-person purchases. Their doubts can be substantiated by the multiple reviews on certain companies not delivering their orders. However, the majority of unhappy clients on the internet have issues with stores from outside their country of origin. It is a lot safer to buy locally than try and import products.

You can easily confirm the legitimacy of a store by reading what previous customers say about them. If it is an ink shop that offers delivery, do they use familiar courier or postage services? Read about our shipping options.

If you are still unsure whether a supplier is trustworthy or not, you can check their physical address on your GPS. Are they located where they claim to be? If delivery worries you, look if the store offers collection as a method to get your goods. This should reassure you that they will not vanish with your money. Also look for a list of testimonials from their satisfied shoppers.


Does Delivery Make Your Purchase Cost More or Less?

This highly depends on the scale of your purchase. Are you buying in bulk or one cartridge at a time? If you are new to the online-shopping trade, here are a few tips to get the best value for money from an ink shop that offers delivery:
  • Buy all your ink from one supplier and order extra cartridges to avoid having to pay for shipping multiple times.
  • If the supplier offers free delivery on orders over a certain amount and you only need a few bucks more to get it, fill up that cart.
  • Join the mailing list of the cartridge suppliers you often support to get notified of specials and promotions.
  • Regularly compare products at several online stores to make sure you are paying market-related prices.
  • Consider non-OEM cartridges if you have built up trust with a specific store over time.

By following these simple measures, the delivery costs for your order will not make your purchase more expensive than shopping in-store. For one, you already save on fuel, and you can buy cartridges when prices are at their lowest. Another great reason to find an ink shop that offers delivery is that online stores are more likely to offer a loyalty programme to returning customers than small retailers.


Where Can You Find an Ink Store that Offers Delivery of the Consumable You Need?

As mentioned, you want to shop at a store where you can select every cartridge you want in one go. CH Africa is that cartridge supplier. Whether you want to place a small or large order, we deliver anywhere in South Africa.

You can find various OEM ink and toner cartridges, as well as some high-quality generic consumables on our site. All products have proper descriptions to help you select compatible cartridges for your printer.

Items can be ordered in bulk for convenience. And you will want to buy more when you see our prices for top-of-the-range, well-known brands like Canon and HP. You can even get customised quotes for reselling purposes.

Do not let your fears of trying the unknown stop you from getting affordable ink delivered to your doorstep. Get in touch now, and start shopping for printer consumables online.
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