Elevate Your Printing Capacity with Original Cartridge Suppliers Cape Town!

If you have a business that depends heavily on high-quality prints in Cape Town, you will definitely need original cartridge suppliers that can see to your needs on a continuous basis. One of the best-kept secrets of business is that long-term relationships yield benefits for both the client and the supplier. This is because the supplier is able to anticipate those ongoing requirements and needs of the customer, and that the customer can use a reliable supplier at any time to find the products that they need at affordable prices.

While it is often a lot cheaper to purchase third-party or generic ink or toner cartridges, the real deal usually yields much better results. Not only can the client be completely sure that original products will produce better print quality, but OEM print cartridges usually last longer, and are specifically built for particular printers. This means that the printer will function optimally with the original printing consumable, instead of a generic product.

If you are looking for an original cartridge supplier in Cape Town, you will often find that OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) cartridges cost a lot more than the generic. While there are a lot of good generic printing consumables available from suppliers in Cape Town, the best idea is to stick to the suppliers that can provide you with original products.

Benefits of using only OEM cartridges from suppliers in Cape Town and Johannesburg include the following:
  • Product Variety: Companies, such as CH Africa, offer a wide range of generic and original cartridges in Cape Town to many other locations in the country. They generally build relationships with the printing manufacturers in other countries, and because they purchase in bulk, they are able to offer a wide product range to customers. This means that if you choose original cartridge suppliers, such as CH Africa, in Johannesburg or Cape Town, you will have access to a wide range of products that other suppliers may not necessarily carry. Cartridges for older printers are especially hard to find, and at CH Africa, we are able to acquire those rare products and printing consumables for older printers that other suppliers may not stock.
  • Significant Savings: While there are many different suppliers in Cape Town, not many of them have the international contacts and relationships that CH Africa has. CH Africa invests a significant amount of effort in building solid relationships with recognised manufacturers. In addition to this, they also have an innovative structure that enables us to buy stock from companies that may be going under, have extra stock reserves, or have products that are about to expire. These products are usually a lot more cost-effective to buy, and as a result, we can offer our customers original cartridge supplies in Cape Town and a vast amount of other locations around the country at much lower prices than usual.
  • Wholesale Costs: It is a well-known fact that buying in bulk is always cheaper per unit than purchasing single items. CH Africa orders stock wholesale from original manufacturers overseas, and then sells them in South Africa. Despite the import and export taxes, they are still more cost-effective when ordered wholesale than when purchased per unit. This means that if you order large quantities, your costs will be significantly reduced, and you can save a lot.
  • Extra Stock: Printers have the nasty habit of running out of ink or cartridges at very inconvenient times. This means that you always have to have extra stock in store for when these are needed. If you purchase wholesale from original cartridge suppliers in Cape Town, or anywhere else, you will always have the replacement stock you need. It is important to be very conscious of your product needs, or you may be stuck with a printer that cannot function because there are no products in stock to replace the spent printing consumables.
  • Environmental Footprint: While it is always best to select original printing product suppliers in Cape Town or anywhere else in South Africa, it can also be a viable solution to choose recycled or remanufactured printing supplies. This leaves a much smaller environmental footprint, and allows your company to operate on a more environmentally friendly basis.
If you are interested in purchasing your printing consumables from well-known and home-grown suppliers in Cape Town, just give our team at CH Africa a call!
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