Office Diversification Requires Good Printer Ink Prices

It was almost common knowledge that the pandemic would bring an end to the need for the office and that it would drive the move toward a paperless office. In this paperless world, no one would think about the printer ink prices or the bulk cost of toner. But that did not happen. Almost a year and a half in, and offices have not disappeared, and neither has paper. Extra rooms and spaces in houses all over the world are now small extensions of the office.

This meant that printers, phones, and computers, previously unused, were being activated in these spaces and used almost to their full capacity at the height of the pandemic. Logistically and economically, businesses had to change how they looked at business solutions when remote working had become, to an extent, almost permanent.

HP Printer Ink

The Return to the Office that Did Not Happen for Many

As vaccinations happened across the world, there was a growing expectation in the business community that this would precipitate a mass return to the office. And while there is certainly an upward trend in that sector, the mass return to the office has not been realised.

While on the one hand, some workers do not like working remotely and need to return to the office, some businesses have said that remote working will now be permanent. There are big tech companies like Twitter and music streaming company Spotify, that have told their staff that they will be working remotely. And while there are some things like hairdressing and sport that will never have a remote option, most businesses are going for the middle. What many businesses are doing is having people come in on a rotational basis or only for a few days a week. What this means is that both the centralised office and the home office have to operate. The hybrid situation necessitates operational equipment both for operational efficiency at present and in case we have to return to a full lockdown.


Home Printers are Being Used More

There are very few of us who regularly use a landline anymore, unless we are at the office or 79 years old, but we regularly use cell phones, laptops, and home computers. Printers, on the other hand, sat somewhere in between our discarded landlines and our almost everyday usage of other home technology. We still used printers, but not nearly as much as other home office items. This all changed when the office moved into our homes. Now printing, scanning, copying, and even faxing have activated our home printers in such a way that they are used almost daily.


Reliable Supplies 

Home printers being used more than usual means they have to be maintained. Most businesses and workers would want to avoid repairs, because in most cases, there is not a maintenance team in your home. So there needs to be even more surety that the technology works every time and that supplies are readily at hand, or at least easily available. With the office “everywhere”, repairs can be avoided by using reliable supplies from reliable suppliers. Therefore, for workers and businesses, a logistical understanding of cost and availability is needed. To have a sense of cost, one needs to look at printer ink prices, costs of toner, and also paper. 


Printing: Costs and Availability

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