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Shopping for original equipment manufacturer cartridges can be frustrating if you do not know where to look. There are so many different suppliers of printing consumables in South Africa, making it difficult to choose. It is also challenging to navigate through all the available products to find the right one for your machine. The solution lies with CH Africa, where you can find a wide range of Canon, HP, Brother, and other well-known cartridge brands.

Get the supplies you need. Shop our range of Canon printer ink cartridges online and find the products you are looking for instantly through our user-friendly search box.
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Expert Advice on Selecting the Correct Cartridge

With any printer, there is always an OEM product that works best with it. However, generic ink units may also work with your machine, provided you select one that fits properly. Although, you need to keep in mind that buying non-OEM products may void your machine’s warranty or pose a risk of damaging the printer if you shop at an unreliable source.

Nevertheless, it is important to know what to look for in printing supplies before placing an order. Read the following tips on shopping for Canon or any other cartridges online:
  • For OEM cartridges, find the serial code on the empty units or look up your specific machine model and what ink it takes.
  • When shopping for compatible supplies, search the generic product online and whether or not it can be used with your Canon device, and also see reviews by other consumers who may have tried it first.
  • Choose between high-yield (XL) and standard cartridges, depending on the number of prints you do per month.
  • Consider remanufactured units if you want the same quality as new OEM units, without paying the original unit price.
  • Make sure to buy toner instead of ink if you have a laser printer.

Another important choice to make is whether you want an individual or tri-colour cartridge. With the first option, you might pay more initially to get every colour you need, but it could save you money in the long run. And you can refill only one colour at a time if it is the only one that is empty. Browse our range of Canon printer ink refills if this is the case for you.

A tri-colour cartridge is more convenient to replace as you only need to purchase a single unit to print any colours apart from black. Keep in mind that if any chamber runs dry in this type of cartridge, you will have to replace the whole unit.


Standard, XL, and XXL are Not About the Actual Size of the Cartridge

Many customers cheat themselves in buying regular printer cartridges in bulk instead of just getting an XL or XXL cartridge because they do not know the real meaning of the labelling.

All three types of cartridges should fit your machine if it is the same brand and number that your printer takes. Their physical dimensions are the same, but their ink yield is what is different. This means that the XL or high-yield can print more pages before running dry than the standard, and the XXL can do more than the XL.

These ink units have been created to give consumers a chance to save money if they print high volumes. For offices, printing shops, schools, and other businesses that do more prints, these are the best choice.

This does not mean it is always better to go with the bigger option, as the ink may go off before you have used it all if you are only printing a page every once in a while. For home use, a standard Canon cartridge should be sufficient, unless your family uses the device more than regular households.


Replacing Cartridges in the Range of Canon Printers

If you have never loaded a cartridge in your device, do not stress – it is simple. With Canon, the device typically opens up from the front. Simply push the top panel upwards. If you have one of the PIXMA range units, you should find the panel to open the cartridge area on either side of the paper tray. If any of the ink units shows a flashing light, it is time to get it replaced. Empty cartridges may also show the light being turned off completely. By simply pressing the tabs in front or on top of the unit, it will be released, so you can take out the old and put in the new.

After you have removed the empty units, you can place new ones in the now vacant slots. Remember to shake if necessary, and remove all wrapping from the unit prior to installing. Read individual instructions on the replacement cartridge’s packaging and follow any special steps where stated.

Shop our range of Canon printer ink cartridges online and send us an email if you need assistance in placing your order or finding out if the product from our range will fit your machine.
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