Tips To Make Your Ink Cartridges Last Longer

In the business and home print arena, toner and ink cartridges represent significantly different characteristics. Inkjet is better at certain print applications than laser and laser is superior for others. There are, of course, areas of overlap where either technology would do the job equally well. If the majority of print output is intended for internal distribution and consists predominantly of text, laser printers offer the best printer solution both in terms of cost and speed. Inkjet printing is superior for lower-volume, high-quality applications. Inkjet technology can deliver high-quality graphics output that laser-based printers cannot.

HP ink cartridge

Ink Cartridges and Tanks

Replacement cartridges are offered for both printer technologies from the leading brand printer manufacturers and are also offered by third-party manufacturers. Ink cartridges come in two forms. The most commonly encountered are those that fit on the print head carriage directly adjacent to the print head. This design imposes limits with regard to the size and weight that the cartridge can be. In 2014, Epson introduced a new system that eliminated the limitations presented by having the cartridges mounted on the print head carriage. The Epson system developed an innovative system using a reservoir that was located off of the print head and printhead carriage. This allowed for a simpler cartridge that could be far larger and contain higher volumes as weight was no longer an issue. Tank machines do not, in strict terms, utilise cartridges as such.


Make Your Ink Cartridges Last Longer

Consumables for any printer are costly, so it is prudent to try and maximise the number of prints you get from your ink cartridges where possible. This is even more important where a high volume of prints is produced. There are a number of ways to get more out of each of your ink cartridges without negatively affecting the quality of the prints produced.

Check the print settings on your new printer when you set it up for the first time. The default settings are often factory set to deliver the best possible print quality and the highest possible resolution. If your print output demands very high quality, these settings can be left as they are but if the output needed doesn’t justify the highest quality level, consumables can be saved and print speed may also be increased by reducing the output resolution. Savings can be made by adjusting printer settings to suit the quality that is actually needed. It makes no sense, for example, to print out internal office mail on photo-quality resolution!

Another savings strategy is to buy the highest volume replacement unit offered for your particular printer. Some machines can take XL-sized ink cartridges. XL ink cartridges contain as much, or more, ink than two standard units but cost significantly less. Replacement units are also sometimes sold in multipacks priced to make the cost per cartridge less than buying a single unit.

When setting up documentation, design documents that, while still achieving the intended purpose, use as little ink as possible. Fonts selection is important as some popular fonts use as much as 30% more ink than an alternative that has been optimised to save on consumables. Check that documents which appear to be black and white are not set up as CMYK or RGB colour documents in the digital file. In this case, not only black is used to produce a print, which is unnecessarily wasteful for a purely text document. Select the “grayscale” option in the print menu, when printing the document. This forces the printer to use only black when producing the print, allowing for substantial savings.

Buy a printer that utilises a one-cartridge-per-colour system, not one that combines more than one colour in a unitary cartridge. When one of the colours runs out, the remainder of the other colours end up being thrown away. Finally, only print hard copies of documents that are really needed in hard-copy format.


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