Things You Didn’t Know About Wholesale Ink and Toner Cartridges

You most probably don’t consider the technology that goes into the making of toner when you purchase wholesale toner cartridges.
Though the facts shared below will not affect the productivity of your company or put wholesale cartridges at the top of interesting topics to discuss in the boardroom, the information will give you insight as to why original manufacturer cartridges are priced higher, even if you buy at wholesale prices.

No Longer Carbon Powder

If ever you have worked in a print and copy shop, you most probably know that toner used to come in large capsules filled with carbon powder. Replacing the toner on a print and copy machine could easily become a messy process. Fortunately, technology advanced, and many of the top printer manufacturers now use toner that contains a combination of carbon powder and polymer. This provides for lower melting points and easier fusing with the print surfaces. The substance is heated with a fuse, causing it to melt and fuse into the print media. The method used for melting differs from one manufacturer to another and the formulas for particle size and melt point also differ.

For best results, some of the top manufacturers even use a chemical process for growing the particles to the desired size. This ensures consistency in particle size and thus fewer smaller particles that go rogue and cause a grey background on the print surface. With more uniformity in particle shape and size, it is possible to get better colour accuracy as well. Understandably, the original manufacturer cartridges, even at wholesale prices, are slightly more expensive because a lot of research and development funds go into the creation of the perfect particles and heating technologies.

Irregular Use of Printers Can Lead to Dry Cartridge Heads

Though one may think that you save on print costs by not using your printers often, you indeed may end up buying more cartridges over time because the cartridge heads run dry. To prevent such, manufacturers recommend running regular ink tests, helping to lubricate the heads and keep them from clogging. Apart from buying in bulk at wholesale prices, such tips can help your company to get more prints from your cartridges, simply because you maintain the printers correctly.

Fonts Matter

Did you know that by changing the default font for printing company documents you could save on ink? Set a policy for the usage of text in company documentation to get more prints from your cartridges. For instance, Arial is heavy on ink, yet far too many companies use Arial as their standard font for company documents. Rather use Times New Roman or Calibri to reduce ink usage and thus help to stretch the period from one bulk order at wholesale price to another.

Ink Is Even More Expensive Per Drop Than Blood

Perhaps not as valuable as blood when it comes to saving lives, ink plays an important role in business written communication. Without ink, the many books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed media would not have been possible. With the expensive technology that goes into the making of superior-quality cartridges, one can understand why ink is more expensive per drop than blood. However, you also need less ink than blood. When you buy in wholesale from us, it becomes exceptionally affordable.

Ink Is Not a New Invention

From the Indians to the ancient Chinese, different cultures used ink similar to what we use today. However, the ink used by the Chinese of old came from fish glue. The Indians used a combination of tar, bones, and pitch. Today, toner is made from a combination of carbon powder and polymer.

Extreme Heat is Used

Toner is heated to over 200°C to melt the powder and polymer substance, causing effective fusing. Some of the top manufacturers provide toner with a far lower melting point, which means faster printing at a lower cost.

Lawyers Use a Lot of Ink

The law and medical industries use the most ink. Companies can save on ink by setting policies to limit print work and have the most communication in digital format.

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