6 Good Reasons to Buy Printer Ink Cartridges from An Innovative Wholesale Company

Most companies are very dependent on their ability to print documents at any given time. A lot of these companies could heavily rely on large volume prints, and the printing consumables needed may run out when it is least expected. This is especially true when the company operates around the clock, after hours or over weekends. The cost of printer cartridges can escalate quite quickly when so many are used, and for a company with a limited budget or heavy duty usage of printer or toner, it is essential to keep costs low. There are, however, some clever ways in which to cut down the costs of printing consumables, and one of these is to buy printer ink cartridges from an innovative company that specialises in wholesale and resale goods.

Here are some of the reasons to choose to buy printer ink cartridges from a wholesaler, such as CH Africa:
  1. Large Stock Volumes: Because wholesalers tend to have good relationships with all the OEM and generic manufacturers of printer ink cartridges, they get significant discounts when ordering them in bulk. Because they order in bulk, they always have a large product range in stock. This means that no matter which type of printing consumables you are looking for, they are likely to have significant volumes of what you need in stock. This can take your company from not printing to having more than enough printing capacity within an hour. Large stock volumes are important when your company relies heavily on the ability to print high-quality prints in great volume.

  2. Cost Cutting: There are many ways in which you can reduce the cost of your printing consumables. Companies, such as CH Africa, specialise in building relationships with a variety of providers all over the world, and whether you need branded, OEM printer ink cartridges or generic printing consumables, they will be able to provide them a much lower cost, but only if you order in reasonable volumes. It costs a lot more per unit to purchase five cartridges and have them delivered than it would if you ordered 100 and had them delivered. Your delivery costs will usually be the same, yet the unit price will be greatly reduced due to the business deals made by your supplier with the manufacturers.

  3. Savings Through Innovation: While you can buy printer ink cartridges from virtually any wholesaler, there are some that are a little bit savvier than others. At CH Africa, we also purchase excess stock from companies that have gone out of business, or stock overloads that cannot be sold before the expiry date. This means that these items cost a lot less, and the money saved on these items can be translated into huge savings for the customer.

  4. Keep a Reserve: It is not very effective to buy printer ink cartridges in the minimum quantities you need. If you build a good relationship with your ink cartridges provider, you will find that they will encourage you to keep extra cartridges in stock, just in case certain printing consumables do not work, or if you run out of printing stock during an awkward time, such as a weekend or after hours. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that you buy printer ink cartridges in bulk and at wholesale prices to ensure that you will not run out of ink when you need it most! Keeping a reserve stock will provide you with the confidence that all the printing requirements of the company can be met at any time, and therefore provides peace of mind.

  5. Personal Customer Service: Most companies you buy printer ink cartridges from view you as a number on their stock sheets. At CH Africa, we prefer a personal approach. We get to know our clients and our suppliers very well, and as a result, we are able to anticipate their needs and order the correct printing consumables ahead of time. This means that we will always have the items in stock you need to keep the business flowing. Our personal relationships with manufacturers and suppliers all over the world also ensure that we have access to the products that we need, when we need them.

  6. Environmental Benefits: In addition to being the best place to buy printer ink supplies for your company, CH Africa also offers supplemental services, such as the collection of used printing consumables and refurbishing them. As a result, the number of cartridges that end up on landfills is vastly reduced, making it more environmentally friendly.

If you are keen to save money, always have enough printing consumables in stock and have peace of mind about your effect on the environment, choose CH Africa today!
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