HP 652 Cartridges – How to Get the Most Out of Your Ink

Whether you are using one of the HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 652 cartridge compatible printers or the OfficeJet printers, you can save money by applying simple ink-saving techniques. The whole purpose of owning your own printing device is to pay less in the end for paper prints. Thus, it is vital that you purchase the correct products for your printer to run smoothly. The more knowledge you have about the superior products that we supply, the easier it is to make the right choice.

We offer the HP 652 cartridges in black and tricolour multi-packs or separate bundles. Our products are competitively priced, so that we can supply wholesalers, as well as smaller resellers.
HP 652 cartridges

HP 652 Ink Cartridges

The first important point to consider is whether or not these will work with your specific machine. Check the item specifications before purchasing to make sure of this. If you are uncertain about the printing model, you can look for the serial number at the bottom of the device. You can also access the information required on your PC if you have set it up already. After checking the model number, it is always good to first assess ink levels to avoid changing unfinished units. This can also be done on your computer through software or on the HP Smart app.

If you have not yet bought a printing device and want to select one based on the cartridge printing yield, here is what the 652 units offer:
  • Black ink prints 360 pages
  • Colour ink prints 200 pages

These are standard yield sets and are very affordable for everyday use, high-quality prints. With a familiar brand like HP, you know you can expect consistency in the performance of products and trust that the units you buy are legit and non-faulty.


Tips to Use Less Ink and Save Money

Now that you are a bit more informed on the type of cartridge in the HP 652 series, it is time you learn how to use ink sparingly. Ultimately, it is always an excellent idea to buy supplies in bulk, especially if you are shopping online. This makes the impact of shipping costs less and means you do not have to constantly wait for deliveries when your cartridges dry up. Below are some ways you can avoid wasting ink:
  • Scan through documents for errors before clicking the print button.
  • Do not select colour for everything, as black and white cartridges have a bigger yield.
  • Take out logos and pictures when printing information from online sources.
  • Select smaller fonts that get more words onto each page to not use excess paper.

Keep your device clean, and regularly check that there is nothing clogging the nozzles where the HP 652 ink has to go through. This way, pages will come out more accurately and neat, which means you do not have to redo them multiple times. You can again ensure that you do not lose prints by using the no-waste method of living. Only remove cartridges once they are completely empty and can no longer deliver the desired results.


Software for Optimal Usage

By getting the HP Smart app for your printer of the same brand, you can make printing tasks easier. This software allows access to toner and ink cartridge levels, helping you to see when you are close to needing a refill. It also gives you advice on common problems users might face and how to solve them. Another feature is that you can adjust your printer settings through it. This is helpful in saving on cartridges, as you can see all your printer stats in one place and change them accordingly.


Do Not Stop Printing

It is never a bad idea to keep your printer running by getting a few pages through every week at minimum. Make sure your printer does not go without a job for too long or it might get lazy. This keeps your HP 652 cartridges or any other ink units from drying up too quickly. Do prints in black and white as well as colour to allow both your units to flow. At CH Africa, we work on large-scale orders and aside from HP supplies, we stock Samsung, Brother, and other well-known brands. Save even more money with printing supplies. Make use of our special offers.
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