HP Distributor in South Africa: Why Buy Original Manufacturer Products?

As a HP distributor in South Africa, we proudly supply a wide range of original HP toner and ink cartridge products to companies and individuals in South Africa. Though cost savings are essential in terms of print overheads, when it comes to toner or ink, it is essential to purchase superior quality. If you compromise on the quality of the toner or ink, you cannot expect good-quality prints. Indeed, you may very well end up with excessive wastage because of the need to constantly reprint pages to get better quality.

When you buy original HP products as available from a trusted distributor in South Africa, you have the assurance of quality right from the start. Below are some of the many benefits associated with using original HP toner and ink cartridges, giving you insight as to why we, as a distributor, recommend using only original manufacturer products, relevant to the printers available in South Africa.

Their Toner Has A Lower Melting Point

Why is a lower melting point important? The quicker the toner melts and fuses with the print surface, the faster the print. It also means better quality, reduced electricity costs, and improved protection of the printer and the printed images.

Best-Possible Fit

The company manufactures the cartridges to fit particular printer models. This ensures the best possible performance, such as right temperature for heating and fusing the toner with the specific paper type. With 100% compatibility with the particular printer, the risk of non-performance or printer breakdown is significantly reduced.

No Static Problems

The brand is known for their innovative solutions to print issues. Instead of static electricity being a problem, their toner cartridges utilise the static electricity for the best possible transmission of toner to paper.

Superior Colour

Forget about lemon-like orange or pinkish red. With their toner, the orange is as bright as that of a ripe orange fruit.


No doubt, doing your part for the environment is important. As a trusted distributor of the brand’s products in South Africa, we are proud to be associated with a company that manufactures eco-friendly and recyclable products. The company makes it as easy as possible to recycle their products.

Consistent Quality and Performance

If there is one complaint that you do not often hear, then it is that an HP printer or cartridge is not working properly. The brand is known for products that perform perfectly every time. The standard of the ink or toner and the technology of the cartridge should not be compromised. To this end, make sure you buy from a trusted distributor in South Africa to avoid counterfeit and sub-standard products.


HP toner and ink cartridges are manufactured in compliance with strict international standards for quality and safety. Their products are well-tested for consistency, economic value, and performance. The brand also offers remarkably low prices on their products.
Considering the level of research and testing that goes into the creation of their products, one would have expected to pay more. However, affordability is not limited to HP. As a distributor in South Africa, we also strive for exceptional affordability without compromising on quality and after-sales service. No shortcuts on quality when you buy from us.

Lower Risk of Failure

Generic ink and toner cartridges have higher failure rates than original manufacturer products. As such, you already save money by purchasing genuine HP cartridges. Any failure to perform means money lost because of having to reprint. Every reprint means paper, time, ink and electricity wastage. Shortcuts in terms of cartridges thus lead to higher print costs in the long term. This also relates to employee productivity.

You Thus Benefit in The Following Ways When Buying Original Manufacturer Cartridges:

  • Improvement in your company’s sustainability profile.
  • Reduced wastage in terms of time, paper, ink, and electricity.
  • Lower cost of prints because of superior toner and ink performance.
  • Faster printing and thus more work done in a shorter period.
  • Lower cost of maintenance in terms of printers.

Where to Buy?

The best way to save on ink and toner when buying original HP products is to purchase such from a trusted distributor in South Africa, focused on quality products at competitive prices. We fit the profile perfectly. View our full range and place your order to start saving.
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