What Is A Drum Unit, How Does It Work And Do I Need To Replace It?

In a laser printer, the drum transfers the toner to the paper which is then fused by the laser. The number of such exposures a drum can withstand before it needs to be replaced is determined by the manufacturer during the testing process. Unfortunately the drum can get etches in it from being exposed to the laser for long periods, affecting print quality.

The sensors will tell you that you need to replace it as soon as the limit is reached. If the warnings are ignored, the device will stop functioning until the drum is changed. Print quality suffers dramatically when the drum fails.

When prints blur even with a full toner cartridge, you know it's time to replace the drum, regardless of whether or not the sensors have notified you. After cleaning the drum, if the prints are still unclear, you may need to replace it.

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Is The Drum Unit A Consumable Item?

The drum is both a consumable and necessary replacement part. The drum is a charged component whose work is moving the toner from the tray to the paper. The drum unit is often integrated into the laser cartridge - for example many HP toners have integrated drums. It's a consumable in this sense. However in the case of Brother, it is sold separately. A drum's life span can go from the thousands to the hundreds of thousands of pages. How this works precisely with any given printer is model-specific.

To extend the life of your drum it should be cleaned regularly.

Surplus toner can be removed by wiping down the device's exterior. Use a cotton ball dampened with pure rubbing alcohol to accomplish this. Only clean the spots where the toner has bled through. To remove toner from the printer rollers, use only a lint-free or toner-specific cloth.

Do Drum Units Expire?

Fortunately, just like laser toners, drum units don't expire, so you can safely keep extra units on hand if printing is a core part of your business or routine. The only consumable that expires is ink, which is printed on the cartridge itself.

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